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Gene Review

RAD51B  -  RAD51 paralog B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 2, R51H2, RAD51 homolog B, RAD51-like protein 1, RAD51L1, ...
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Disease relevance of RAD51L1


High impact information on RAD51L1


Biological context of RAD51L1


Anatomical context of RAD51L1


Associations of RAD51L1 with chemical compounds

  • Here, we report the results of studies on the behavior of CHO cells containing a plasmid encoding a wild-type hsRec2/Rad51B, a full-length protein with a single mutation at residue 163, which lies in the putative src site, and a truncated version of hsRec2/Rad51B, containing only the first 100 amino acids at the NH2 terminus [7].
  • RAD51B(-/-) cells are quite sensitive to the cross-linking agents cisplatin and mitomycin C and mildly sensitive to gamma-rays [4].
  • In the present study, we found that the purified Rad51B protein bound to single-stranded DNA and double-stranded DNA in the presence of ATP and either Mg(2+) or Mn(2+) and hydrolyzed ATP in a DNA-dependent manner [12].

Physical interactions of RAD51L1

  • We extended these observations to examine the interaction between the RAD51B/RAD51C complex and the other RAD51 paralogs [13].
  • For example, Rad51B expression enhances the binding of Rad51C to XRCC3 and to HsRad51D, and Rad51C expression allows the indirect interaction of Rad51B with Rad51D [14].

Regulatory relationships of RAD51L1

  • Experiments using 6xHis-tagged proteins in the baculovirus system confirm several of our yeast results, including Rad51B interaction with Rad51D only when Rad51C is simultaneously expressed and Rad51C interaction with XRCC2 only when Rad51D is present [14].

Other interactions of RAD51L1

  • RAD51L1-HMGA2 transcripts were not detected [15].
  • The RAD51B/RAD51C heterocomplex was isolated and purified by immunoaffinity chromatography from insect cells co-expressing the recombinant proteins [13].
  • In addition, we find that Rad51C, but not XRCC3, interacts directly or indirectly with Rad51B, Rad51D and XRCC2 [16].
  • In addition, Rad51B could be pulled down with Rad51C and Rad51D, but not with XRCC3 [17].
  • Nuclear localization of Rad51B is independent of Rad51C and BRCA2 [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RAD51L1


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