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Gene Review

HOPX  -  HOP homeobox

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CAMEO, HOD, HOP, Homeodomain-only protein, LAGY, ...
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Disease relevance of HOP


Psychiatry related information on HOP


High impact information on HOP


Biological context of HOP


Anatomical context of HOP

  • Our results suggest that loss of NECC1 expression is involved in malignant conversion of placental trophoblasts [1].
  • NECC1 expression is ubiquitous in the brain, placenta, lung, smooth muscle, uterus, bladder, kidney, and spleen [1].
  • 1. The expression of LAGY mRNA was widely lost in 18 lung tumor cell lines comprising all major histological types, as shown by Northern blot analysis and semiquantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction [2].
  • Multiple-tissue Northern blot analysis revealed that LAGY is present in human placenta, lung, brain, heart and skeletal muscle [2].
  • RT-PCR experiments on a cDNA panel containing samples from different normal and tumor tissues shows expression of SMAP31 mRNA in brain, placenta, lung, heart, thyroid and thyroid carcinoma [10].

Associations of HOP with chemical compounds

  • The presence of a hydrophilic 3'-phosphate group in 1 causes a much higher water activity in the vicinity of its 2'-OH, which in turn causes the 2'-OH to exchange faster, culminating in a shorter exchange lifetime (tau) for 2'-OH proton with HOD in 1 (tau2'-OH: 489 ms) compared to that in 3 (tau2'-OH: 6897 ms) [12].
  • Changes in local structure as a function of water content are studied by measuring the IR spectra and the vibrational lifetimes of the hydroxyl stretch of dilute HOD in H(2)O [13].
  • The more hydrophilic protonated component, HOD, elutes first with higher percentages of hydrophilic solvent, D(2)O, in the mobile phase whereas retention is reversed with the higher percentage of the more hydrophobic solvent (CD(3)CN and CD(3)OD) in the mobile phase [14].
  • Platinized rutile TiO2 samples containing varying concentrations of Pt were synthesized using Kemira (KE, BET surface area 50 m2/g, from Finland), and Toto HT0270 (HT, BET surface area 2.9 m2/g, from Japan) as the starting materials by solution mixing followed by sintering the precursors [15].
  • This technique is illustrated for the collisional relaxation of highly vibrationally excited pyrazine (108 kcal/mol) with HOD [16].

Other interactions of HOP

  • Identification of a novel homeobox-containing gene, LAGY, which is downregulated in lung cancer [2].
  • Jelenko O, Cameo, Jelstar and Genesis II alloys were compared unfired and fired to simulate porcelain application [17].
  • Loss of NECC1 expression, biallelic deletions at the critical (7p12-7q11.23) region and enhanced H19 expression in choriocarcinoma would reflect the genetic features exhibited by the putative forerunner, complete mole [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HOP

  • METHODS: Eleven women with International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) early stage (IB--IIA) NECC were treated with surgery and chemotherapy at our institutions between 1978 and 1998 [19].
  • The role of covered stents: more than an occasional cameo [20]?
  • Modeling data combined with site-directed mutagenesis experiments revealed that the OB2 surface site provides an anchoring platform at the enzyme surface to capture the polymer and direct the branches towards the OB1 acceptor site for elongation [21].
  • Twelve patients with a tissue diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma were treated with combination chemotherapy (CAMEO) every 4-5 weeks, with or without hemithoracic radiation [22].


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