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Inferior Colliculus

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Gene context of Inferior Colliculus

  • This study examines calbindin D-28k and calretinin immunoreactivity in the inferior colliculus (IC) of young and old mice of two strains [35].
  • Age-related changes in calbindin D-28k and calretinin immunoreactivity in the inferior colliculus of CBA/CaJ and C57Bl/6 mice [35].
  • The torus semicircularis-the inferior colliculus homolog-expressed Otx2 in its ventricular lining exclusively, but it never expressed Pax2 [36].
  • In contrast, CR immunoreactivity was already strong two days before birth, yet the number and intensity of labeled neurons subsequently decreased and CR disappeared almost completely in the superior olivary complex, nuclei of the lateral lemniscus, and central aspects of the inferior colliculus [37].
  • In the adult, BDNF heavily labeled most neurons of the superior olivary nuclei and moderately labeled neurons of the inferior colliculus (IC) [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Inferior Colliculus


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