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Disease relevance of Oliguria


High impact information on Oliguria

  • Oliguria occurred in 5 infants treated with ibuprofen and in 14 treated with indomethacin (P=0.03) [6].
  • The frequencies of ARF (27/65 [42%] vs 15/64 [23%], p=0.028) and oliguria (35/62 [56%] vs 23/63 [37%], p=0.025) and the peak serum creatinine concentration (225 [130-339] vs 169 [106-273] micromol/L, p=0.04) were significantly higher in the hydroxyethylstarch group than in the gelatin group [7].
  • 3. ACS occurs in 15% of patients and is characterized by high peak inspiratory pressure, CO2 retention, and oliguria [8].
  • Use of automated biochemical monitoring, aminoglycoside antibiotic utilization, and administration of potent diuretics and mannitol in settings of oliguria all contribute to its increased incidence [9].
  • The incidence of postransplant renal failure was the same in both groups (16%), but the duration of oliguria was lower in group A than in group B (3.3 +/- 2 vs. 16.2 +/- 10.7 days, P less than 0.05), as well as the incidence of acute rejection during the first 3 months (18% vs. 40%, P = 0.01 [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Oliguria


Biological context of Oliguria


Anatomical context of Oliguria


Gene context of Oliguria

  • Plasma CSA levels fluctuated widely in all patients, but were not higher in any group, including those with prolonged oliguria [16].
  • MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: Urine output was monitored hourly before and after dopamine was instituted for the treatment of oliguria [26].
  • (2) Fifteen infants had transient oliguria (beta 2-microglobulin level was elevated in eight infants) [27].
  • All six patients belonging to the third group (oliguria for more than 14 days or anuria for more than 7 days) had late sequelae: two started haemodialysis more than 10 years after the initial phase; three have a decreased GFR and concentrating capacity [28].
  • After the operation, the pressure in the inferior vena cava increased, leading to oliguria and ascites [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Oliguria


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