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Specific Gravity

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Disease relevance of Specific Gravity


Psychiatry related information on Specific Gravity

  • MEASUREMENTS: Plasma AVP, urine and plasma osmolality, urine volume and specific gravity were measured during water deprivation tests and hypertonic saline infusion [6].
  • The best process combination was 100% catalyst quantity (based on oil weight) with 56:1 molar ratio of methanol to oil at temperature of 30 degrees C, which reduced product specific gravity from an initial value of 0.912 to a final value of 0.8637 in about 4h of reaction time [7].

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Gene context of Specific Gravity

  • Additionally, simultaneous comparison of hypodense (specific gravity < 1.085 g/liter) and normodense (specific gravity > 1.085 g/liter) EOS from allergic donors consistently revealed higher levels of CD44 expression (approximately 3- to 8-fold) but not CD69 expression on hypodense EOS [33].
  • Subsequently hippocampal volume and specific gravity were measured and NK-1 receptor and BDNF mRNA levels quantified using ribonuclease protection assays [34].
  • Polyuria (3,000-3,500 ml/m(2) per day), low urine specific gravity (1.001-1.002), and high plasma arginine vasopressin (AVP) (18.2 pg/ml) suggested NDI [35].
  • Week-by-week Spearman rank order correlations between urine color and specific gravity for the total sample (n=98) ranged from r(s) = 0.3 - 0.7, p < .01; the PROC mixed model was significant, p < .01 [36].
  • Correlative assay of computerized cranial tomography CCT, water content and specific gravity in normal and pathological postmortem brain [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Specific Gravity


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