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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL374508     (2S,3S)-3-[[(1S)-1-[4- (diaminomethylidenea...

Synonyms: e-64, CHEBI:30270, ANW-71599, KST-1A7499, AC1L3XOG, ...
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  • The activities of Z-Phe-Arg-NMec(ZPA) hydrolase, cathepsin B and cathepsin H and the concentration of endogenous thiol protease inhibitor in fibroblasts from patients with galactosialidosis were found not to be significantly different from those in control fibroblasts [25].
  • For this purpose GST was linked via a flexible spacer to the C-terminus of the thiol-protease inhibitor cystatin, whose binding properties for papain were to be studied [26].
  • The calcium-induced release of alpha-actinin was not diminished in the muscle with in vivo-injection of a thiol protease inhibitor, E-64-c. Intramuscular concentrations of E-64-c were also measured after pulse labeling with [3H]E-64-c followed by subcellular fractionation [27].
  • By employing a cell penetrating thiol protease inhibitor, EST: ethyl(+)-(2S,3S)-3-[(S)-3-methyl-1-(3-methylbutylcarbamoyl)buty lcarbamoyl]- 2-oxiranecarboxylate, the role of calpain, a major thiol protease in platelets, on 20K protein (myosin light chain) phosphorylation was examined in intact human platelets [15].
  • The cathepsin B and L substrate Z-Phe-Arg-NMec was similarly degraded by all species, and activity was abolished by the cysteine proteinase inhibitor E-64 [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of BRN 1405664


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