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Chemical Compound Review

Phenoxymethyl     methoxybenzene

Synonyms: AR-1L0383, AC1L3554, Methyl, phenoxy-, 30958-EP2284169A1, 30958-EP2287161A1, ...
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Disease relevance of methoxybenzene


High impact information on methoxybenzene


Chemical compound and disease context of methoxybenzene


Biological context of methoxybenzene


Anatomical context of methoxybenzene


Associations of methoxybenzene with other chemical compounds

  • The effect of guar gum on the absorption of digoxin and phenoxymethyl penicillin was studied in a double blind study in 10 healthy volunteers [20].
  • Quinoxaline chemistry. Part 16. 4-substituted anilino and 4-substituted phenoxymethyl pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinoxalines and N-[4-(pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinoxalin-4-yl)amino and hydroxymethyl]benzoyl glutamates. Synthesis and evaluation of in vitro biological activity [21].

Gene context of methoxybenzene


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of methoxybenzene


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