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  • To characterize the immunological effects of intermittent IL-2 therapy, which leads to selective increases in CD4+ T lymphocytes in HIV-infected patients, 11 patients underwent extensive immunological evaluation [31].
  • It is well documented that neuropeptide Y (NPY) exerts a wide range of biological functions through at least five NPY Y receptor subtypes (Y1-Y5), but its immunological effects only recently came into focus [32].
  • Thus, immunological effects of IFN-beta1a and GA were similar showing that disease promoting Th1 (IFN-gamma) cells were reduced while the potentially beneficial Th2 response (IL-4) was maintained [33].
  • BACKGROUND: Interleukin-6 (IL-6) has multiple immunological effects on a wide variety of cells and tissues [34].
  • To determine the immunological effect on the resistance in vivo, we infected immunologically immature newborn mice homozygous (Fv-4(r/r)) and heterozygous (Fv-4(r/-)) for Fv-4 [35].

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