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Chemical Compound Review

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Disease relevance of bacampicillin


High impact information on bacampicillin


Chemical compound and disease context of bacampicillin


Biological context of bacampicillin


Anatomical context of bacampicillin

  • The peripheral mononuclear blastogenic index (ratio between PHA-induced and spontaneous proliferation), PHA-induced interferon-gamma production, percentages of T and B lymphocytes, serum immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA) levels, failed to show any significative differences before and after the treatment with bacampicillin [5].
  • Patients with acute urinary tract infections given 400 mg bacampicillin and patients with chronic infections given double that dosage showed equally good results [18].
  • Mean peak serum levels of nearly 12 mg/l were found after 1600 mg bacampicillin (mean peak level in sputum 0.85 mg/l) [19].
  • Bacampicillin in a dose of 1200 mg was administered orally before the operation and the concentrations in serum, sinus mucosa and secretion were assayed [20].
  • Study on tissue concentrations of antibiotics: bacampicillin in gingiva and maxillary bones [21].

Associations of bacampicillin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of bacampicillin

  • Four patients with rhinitis and two patients with ACD were available for studying the immunophenotype and the TCR-Vbeta repertoire of bacampicillin induced lymphoblasts as well as the cytokine profiles and expression of the activation markers CD23 and CD134 in primary PBMC cultures [8].
  • The detection limit, i.e. 1 microM, for bacampicillin was comparable to what could be achieved with CE/MS on a quadrupole instrument using selected ion monitoring and sheath flow ESI [25].
  • For bacampicillin, mean peak concentrations of 7.6 and 14.4 micrograms/ml were found in the sera of fasting patients after administration of 27.8 mg of drug/ml in Veegum and microcapsular suspensions, respectively [26].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of bacampicillin


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