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Chemical Compound Review

Lopac-P-2278     1,3-dimethyl-8-phenyl-7H- purine-2,6-dione

Synonyms: CHEMBL62350, SureCN516432, Bio-0778, SureCN5117172, P2278_SIGMA, ...
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Disease relevance of Lopac-P-2278

  • The decrease in ectosolic and cytosolic 5'-nucleotidase activity was inhibited by 8-phenyltheophylline and pertussis toxin, and was mimicked by N6-cyclohexyladenosine, an adenosine A1 receptor agonist [1].
  • Preconditioning with 2-minute ischemia tended to limit %IS/AR (%IS/AR, 35.5 +/- 3.5%, n = 9), and that possible protection was abolished by pretreatment with 10 mg/kg 8-phenyltheophylline (8-PT), an ADO receptor antagonist (%IS/AR, 43.9 +/- 5.8%, n = 9) [2].
  • The blockade of adenosine receptors with 8 phenyltheophylline, before or after the preconditioning tachycardia, reverted its protecting effect but it did not modify infarct size in nonpreconditioned dogs [3].
  • The LAD was occluded for 20 or 30 seconds and then released, and reactive hyperemia was observed before and after 8-phenyltheophylline (7.5 mg/kg i.v.) or glibenclamide (200 micrograms/kg into the LAD) infusion [4].
  • Hypoxia was repeated before and after 8-phenyltheophylline administration (19.5, intravenously) in seven rabbits, or before and after vehicle injection in five rabbits (time control) [5].

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