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Chemical Compound Review

NSC-54702     6,9-difluoro-11,17-dihydroxy- 17-(2...

Synonyms: AC1L1FSK, AC1Q5HJX, NSC54702, AR-1H0510, FT-0626440, ...
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Disease relevance of flumethasone


High impact information on flumethasone


Chemical compound and disease context of flumethasone


Biological context of flumethasone

  • Twenty-five dairy cows were assigned randomly by breed to flumethasone treatment (10 mug/day, 13 cows) or placebo control (12 cows) from 4 to 44 wk of lactation [12].
  • With 24 Holstein cows in a randomized block design, daily Flumethasone administration was initiated 4 days postpartum and continued until milk secretion ceased or the completion of 305 days on treatment [5].
  • Experiment 2 was conducted to determine if a lower dosage of clenbuterol, given as a single injection 37 h after flumethasone, would delay lambing without increasing the proportion of stillbirths [13].
  • Experiment 2 was conducted to determine whether FM given to Adx gilts immediately after surgery could have inhibited estrus and ovulation [14].
  • In vitro investigations on the use of anti-inflammatory agents demonstrated that methylprednisolone had a stabilizing effect on leukocytes by maintaining viability and reducing degranulation, whereas flumethasone was detrimental to cell viability [15].

Anatomical context of flumethasone


Associations of flumethasone with other chemical compounds

  • In the first experiment, four groups of cows and heifers were used: untreated (C, n=9), 10 mg flumethasone on day 281 of gestation (F, n=9), 100 mg progesterone daily from days 276 through 283 and 50 mg progesterone on day 284 (P, n=6), and (P + F on day 284, n=7) [17].
  • We compared the inhibition rate in both age groups and could demonstrate that Dex, Flu, and Flxin each at the highest dose, and PB at all doses used, inhibited PAF-induced aggregation less (P less than 0.05) in N-PMNs than in A-PMNs [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of flumethasone


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