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Disease relevance of Stillbirth


High impact information on Stillbirth


Chemical compound and disease context of Stillbirth


Biological context of Stillbirth


Anatomical context of Stillbirth

  • RESULTS: We observed an intense somatostatin positivity in many brainstem nuclei prevalently involved in the respiratory activity (parabrachial/Kölliker-Fuse complex, locus coeruleus, hypoglossus nucleus, dorsal vagus motor nucleus, tractus solitarii nucleus, ambiguus nucleus, reticular formation) in stillbirths [19].
  • Mucin histochemistry was performed on the squamocolumnar junction (Z-line) of the gastroesophageal region of 49 autopsied previable fetuses, stillbirths, infants, and young children, using alcian blue pH 2.5/periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) and alcian blue pH 1.0/PAS stains [20].

Associations of Stillbirth with chemical compounds

  • Toluene treatment did not affect the number of implantations or stillbirths [21].
  • In a case-control study spanning five years' experience at Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound, we could demonstrate no plausible association between the use of spermicides, oral contraceptives, Bendectin, or antibiotics prior to conception and the occurrence of 73 nontraumatic stillbirths [22].
  • The cocaine-treated group had a significant increase in embryonic resorptions but no significant effects on stillbirths or postnatal mortality [23].
  • There were two early neonatal deaths in the magnesium sulphate group, and three stillbirths in the diazepam group [24].
  • Cases with impaired glucose tolerance had no stillbirths and had a lower perinatal loss than the controls, though this was not statistically significant [25].

Gene context of Stillbirth

  • Is G6PD A- deficiency associated with recurrent stillbirths in The Gambia [26]?
  • Induced abortions were frequently omitted by the husbands (sensitivity, 35.1%), and events such as stillbirths or tubal pregnancies were too few in number to permit meaningful analysis [27].
  • Two stillbirths and 3 neonatal deaths occurred in the positive CST group [28].
  • We wished to determine whether the annual incidence of open NTDs in Nova Scotia, including those in stillbirths and terminated pregnancies, changed after the introduction of either folic acid supplementation or fortification [29].
  • An analysis of women who were ever gravid revealed no statistically significant difference in any adverse pregnancy outcome between RA cases (n = 144) and controls (n = 605) including spontaneous abortions and stillbirths [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Stillbirth


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