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Chemical Compound Review

Alinidin     N-(2,6-dichlorophenyl)-N- prop-2-enyl-4,5...

Synonyms: Alinidina, Alinidine, Alinidinum, CHEMBL278581, SureCN828946, ...
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Disease relevance of Alinidin


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Chemical compound and disease context of Alinidin


Biological context of Alinidin


Anatomical context of Alinidin

  • Chronotropic action of alinidine on the isolated sinus node of the rabbit heart [15].
  • In pigs with normal hearts alinidine homogeneously reduced myocardial perfusion, but no imbalance in the myocardial oxygen supply-demand relationship was noticed due to a simultaneous reduction of the metabolic needs of the myocardium [6].
  • The effective refractory period of the right atrium, the atrioventricular node and the right ventricle, as well as the functional refractory period of the atrioventricular node, were unaffected by alinidine in both groups of patients [16].
  • Metabolic inhibition of intact B-cells by 250muM NaCN, most likely by a decrease of the ATP/ADP ratio, significantly diminished the K(ATP) channel-blocking effect of a low concentration of alinidine (10muM), whereas efaroxan proved to be susceptible even at a highly effective concentration (100muM) [17].
  • Given that the rank order of potency of the antagonists was similar in all tissues (i.e. glibenclamide greater than phentolamine = alinidine), this result may suggest vascular K+ channels opened by cromakalim are quantitatively but not qualitatively different in vascular compared with non-vascular smooth muscle [9].

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Gene context of Alinidin

  • Pressures in the pulmonary artery and in capillary wedge position were significantly reduced after Alinidine by about 12 to 18% (mean PAP) and by about 19 to 28% (PCW) [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Alinidin


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