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Gene Review

SLC19A1  -  solute carrier family 19 (folate...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CHMD, FLOT1, FOLT, Folate transporter 1, IFC-1, ...
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Disease relevance of SLC19A1


High impact information on SLC19A1


Chemical compound and disease context of SLC19A1


Biological context of SLC19A1

  • In this segment, each family displayed one of two different missense mutations that altered the coding sequence of SLC19A3, the gene for a transporter related to the reduced-folate (encoded by SLC19A1) and thiamin (encoded by SLC19A2) transporters [15].
  • Recently, our laboratory reported an intricate regulation of the human reduced folate carrier (hRFC) gene, involving multiple promoters and noncoding exons [16].
  • A pharmacogenetic index was calculated as the sum of homozygous variant genotypes (RFC-1 AA + ATIC 347GG + TSER *2/*2) carried by the patients [17].
  • Moreover, they document a functionally novel polymorphism that increases promoter activity and may contribute to interpatient variations in hRFC expression and effects on tissue folate homeostasis and antitumor response to antifolates [16].
  • We have shown recently that decreased cAMP-responsive element (CRE)-dependent transcription contributes to the loss of hRFC gene expression in multiple antifolate-resistant cell lines [18].

Anatomical context of SLC19A1

  • Consistently, introduction into MTX transport null cells of a homologous D88H mutation in the hRFC did not result in restoration of MTX transport activity, thereby suggesting that D88 is an essential residue for MTX transport activity [19].
  • Restoration of transport activity by co-expression of human reduced folate carrier half-molecules in transport-impaired K562 cells: localization of a substrate binding domain to transmembrane domains 7-12 [20].
  • This is the first report that transcriptional silencing of the hRFC gene in multiple tumor cell lines with resistance to various novel antifolates is a result of a simultaneous loss of function of multiple transcription factors but not promoter methylation [21].
  • There was little protection by thymidine of RFC-null HeLa cells under the latter conditions [22].
  • We isolated a cDNA for the reduced folate carrier (RFC-1) from human skin fibroblasts [23].

Associations of SLC19A1 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of SLC19A1


Other interactions of SLC19A1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SLC19A1


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