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Gene Review

MORF4  -  mortality factor 4

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CSR, CSRB, SEN, SEN1
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Disease relevance of MORF4


Psychiatry related information on MORF4

  • METHODS: Polysomnograms with digitized video surveillance of 20 consecutive patients with heart failure and CSA-CSR were analyzed for total apnea-hypopnea index, mean event duration, and mean oxygen desaturation according to sleep stage and position [5].
  • Specifically, presence of coexistent depression accounted for 17% of the variance in clinician severity ratings (CSR; P < .01), with individuals diagnosed with a comorbid mood disorder receiving higher clinician severity ratings [6].

High impact information on MORF4

  • Genome-Wide Distribution of Yeast RNA Polymerase II and Its Control by Sen1 Helicase [7].
  • Remarkably, a single amino acid substitution that compromises Sen1 function causes profound changes in Pol II distribution over both noncoding and protein-coding genes, establishing an important function of Sen1 in the regulation of transcription [7].
  • We assessed whether coinfection of patients with chronic hepatitis C and SEN D or SEN H correlates with the outcome of treatment with interferon and ribavirin [1].
  • Two AS cases carrying SEN had low Hb F and low F cells, while three AS and one CS carrying BEN had elevated Hb F and elevated F cells; only one AS carrying BEN had low Hb F and low F cells [3].
  • We report the cloning and identification of a gene, mortality factor 4 (MORF 4), which induces a senescent-like phenotype in immortal cell lines assigned to complementation group B with concomitant changes in two markers for senescence [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of MORF4


Biological context of MORF4


Anatomical context of MORF4


Associations of MORF4 with chemical compounds

  • Mortality Factor on Chromosome 4 (MORF4) induces senescence in several immortal human cell lines [22].
  • Both the C-terminal lysine residue of SEN and a region N-terminal to it play a critical role in plasminogen binding [23].
  • CSR and 17OHCS excretions were not different from age controls, but were significantly lower than size controls, THF/THE ratios, urinary excretion of free corticoids and cortisol were normal [24].
  • Oral CS decreased CD3+ cell counts (medians: 60-20 cells/mm(2); P = 0.014) and MBP+ cell counts (medians: 19-4 cells/mm(2); P = 0.03) in CSS asthmatics, but only tryptase+ cell counts in CSR asthmatics (medians: 30-18 cells/mm(2); P = 0.05) [25].
  • In the light of this, SEN specimens of heat-cured denture-base PMMA were saturated in a range of liquids and extended to failure at chewing speed [26].

Other interactions of MORF4


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MORF4


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