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Gene Review

Rgn  -  regucalcin (senescence marker protein-30)

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: GNL, Gluconolactonase, RC, Rc, Reguc, ...
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Disease relevance of Rgn

  • The hepatoma cells (wild-type) and stable regucalcin (RC)/pCXN2 transfectants were cultured for 72 h in medium containing 10% fetal bovine serum (FBS) to obtain subconfluent monolayers [1].
  • Moreover, the increase in NO synthase activity in the liver cytosol of normal rats induced by a single intraperitoneal administration of calcium (5.0 mg/100 g body weight) was significantly enhanced in the presence of anti-regucalcin monoclonal antibody (50 ng/ml) in the reaction mixture [2].
  • This study demonstrates that regucalcin directly stimulates osteoclast-like cell formation in mouse marrow culture in vitro, and that the protein stimulates bone resorption in rat femoral tissues in vitro [3].
  • Interestingly, in the transplantable Morris hepatoma cells, the regucalcin mRNA was markedly expressed, while the albumin mRNA was expressed only slightly [4].
  • Decreases were observed in a series of mitochondrial proteins, such as F1ATPase-delta subunit and ornithine aminotransferase precursor as well as in several cytosolic proteins such as the liver fatty acid binding protein, arylsulfotransferase and the senescence marker protein-30 [5].

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Physical interactions of Rgn

  • The present study demonstrates that regucalcin inhibits Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase activity in rat liver cytosol, and that regucalcin can bind to calmodulin [18].
  • The involvement of a hypocalcemic hormone calcitonin (CT) in the expression of hepatic Ca(2+)-binding protein regucalcin mRNA was investigated [19].

Regulatory relationships of Rgn

  • Of these genes, the expression of c-myc or Ha-ras mRNAs was significantly suppressed in regucalcin transfectants [20].
  • Meanwhile, the expression of p53 mRNA in the hepatoma cells was significantly enhanced in regucalcin-overexpressing hepatoma cells [20].
  • Regucalcin also inhibited Ca2(+)-activated DNA fragmentation in the presence of calmodulin (10 and 20 micrograms) [21].
  • Expression of calcium-binding protein regucalcin mRNA in rat liver is stimulated by calcitonin: the hormonal effect is mediated through calcium [19].
  • Meanwhile, the reversible effect of regucalcin on the Ca2+ (10 microM)-induced decrease of dUTPase activity was not altered by the coexistence of Cd2+ or Zn2+ (10 microM) [22].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Rgn


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