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Gene Review

LDLR  -  low density lipoprotein receptor

Bos taurus

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  • The major supply of cholesterol, the precursor for steroid and androgen biosynthesis, to ovarian cells is from circulating lipoproteins via membrane receptors from the low density lipoprotein receptor (LDL) superfamily [15].
  • In the current studies the sequence of amino acids at the NH2-terminus of the bovine adrenal LDL receptor was determined, and a synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 1-16 was prepared [12].
  • One of these sites, binding to which is inhibited by 30 mM EDTA, appears identical to the LDL receptor by ligand and immunoblotting and other characteristics [13].
  • The increased efficacy was blocked by heparin and was further increased by cell culture in 1% (vs. 10%) fetal bovine serum, suggesting that the effect may, at least in part, be mediated via the LDL receptor [16].
  • Cellular internalization of chol-modified oligonucleotide occurred at least partially through the LDL receptor; it was increased in mouse spleen cells by cell culture in lipoprotein-deficient medium and/or lovastatin, and it was decreased by culture in high serum medium [16].

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