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Gene Review

Mapk8ip3  -  mitogen-activated protein kinase 8...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: BB120594, C-Jun-amino-terminal kinase-interacting protein 3, D17Wsu15e, JIP-3, JNK MAP kinase scaffold protein 3, ...
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Disease relevance of Mapk8ip3

  • The JSAP1-null embryonic stem cells were viable, however, exhibited hyperplasia of the ectoderm during embryoid body formation, and spontaneously differentiated into neurons more efficiently than did wild type [1].
  • We also showed that the expression of JSAP1 transcripts and proteins gradually increased during the neural differentiation of mouse P19 embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells [2].
  • The level of JSAP1 mRNA correlated with advanced malignancy in brain tumors, unlike other JIPs [3].

High impact information on Mapk8ip3


Biological context of Mapk8ip3


Anatomical context of Mapk8ip3

  • In the neurons differentiated from the wild type embryoid bodies, JSAP1 was localized in the soma, neurites, and growth cone-like structure of the neurites, and neurite outgrowth from the JSAP1-null embryoid bodies was apparently less efficient than from wild type [1].
  • The axon guidance defect of the corpus callosum in the jsap1-/- brain was correlated with the misplacement of glial sling cells, which reverted to their normal position after the transgenic expression of JNK interacting protein 1(JIP1) [7].
  • The JSAP1 null mutation impaired the normal distribution of the Ca+2 regulating protein, calretinin, but not the synaptic vesicle marker, SNAP-25, along the axons of the thalamocortical tract [7].
  • In contrast, expression of C-terminally truncated forms of JIP3 impaired LPS-induced JNK activation in a mouse macrophage cell line, RAW264 [4].
  • In contrast, only the activated form of SEK1 associated with JSAP1 in cotransfected COS-7 cells [8].

Associations of Mapk8ip3 with chemical compounds

  • Retinoic acid dramatically increased the expression of JSAP1 and JNK3, which were co-precipitated with anti-JNK3 in the neuroectoderm of wild type but not JSAP1-null embryoid bodies [1].

Other interactions of Mapk8ip3


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mapk8ip3


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