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Gene Review

HOXB7  -  homeobox B7

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HHO.C1, HOX2, HOX2C, Homeobox protein HHO.C1, Homeobox protein Hox-2C, ...
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Disease relevance of HOXB7


High impact information on HOXB7


Biological context of HOXB7

  • CBP and histone deacetylase inhibition enhance the transactivation potential of the HOXB7 homeodomain-containing protein [1].
  • These novel findings indicate a key role for constitutive HOXB7 expression in melanoma cell proliferation via bFGF [2].
  • Band shift and cotransfection experiments showed that HOXB7 directly transactivates the hFGF gene through one out of five putative homeodomain binding sites present in its promoter [2].
  • In transient transfection experiments, IkappaB-alpha markedly increased HOXB7-dependent transcription from a reporter plasmid containing a homeodomain consensus-binding sequence [7].
  • To explore the role of HOXB7 in myeloid hematopoiesis, a number of mutations and deletions in the gene were constructed that targeted sequences with known functions or in regions that had not been examined previously [8].

Anatomical context of HOXB7


Associations of HOXB7 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of HOXB7

  • HOXB7 physically interacted both in vitro and in vivo with the coactivator CREB-binding protein (CBP) [1].
  • In addition, transient co-transfection experiments illustrated that both HOXC6 transcripts encode gene products that repress transcription from a HOX binding sequence in MDA-MB231 cells and co-operate with other HOX gene products such as HOXB7 on their target genes [13].
  • Cell transfection and site-specific mutagenesis demonstrated Sp1/Sp3, NF-Y, YY1 and USF-1 binding to be functional and fundamental in driving HOXB7 expression [14].

Regulatory relationships of HOXB7

  • Enforced expression of HOXB7 promotes hematopoietic stem cell proliferation and myeloid-restricted progenitor differentiation [11].

Other interactions of HOXB7

  • We used monoclonal antibodies to study the distribution of three homeoproteins, namely HOXB7, HOXC6 and HOXD4 [15].
  • This interaction led to an enhanced transactivating potential and required the N-terminal of HOXB7 as well as two domains located at the C-terminal part of CBP [1].
  • HOX genes function in groups, and we found that HOXA5 and HOXB7 were also down-regulated by phorbol ester [16].
  • Since some genes (HOXB2, HOXB4, HOXB7) were always inactive when unmethylated, this unexpected relationship might indicate their key function(s) in the HOX gene network [17].
  • This study reports the results of a comparative sequencing study in higher primates, focusing on the intergenic region located between HOXB6 and HOXB7 [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HOXB7

  • Xenograft into athymic nude mice showed that SkBr3/HOXB7 cells developed tumors in mice, either irradiated or not, whereas parental SkBr3 cells did not show any tumor take unless mice were sublethally irradiated [10].
  • Because HOXB7 seems to play an important role in tumor proliferation and progression, the analysis of its regulatory sequences might represent an important step for gene targeting according to a new therapeutic strategy [14].
  • Molecular cloning of a mutated HOXB7 cDNA encoding a truncated transactivating homeodomain-containing protein [19].
  • To examine whether overexpressed HOX genes regulate invasion of ovarian cancer cells directly, we introduced an antisense DNA fragment of overexpressed HOXB7 and HOXB13, and HOXC5 that did not show overexpression into SKOV3 cells by electroporation [20].
  • In the present study real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assays for the detection of human aspartyl (asparaginyl) beta-hydroxylase (HAAH) and homeobox B7 (HoxB7) mRNA from intraductal brush cytology specimens were established [21].


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