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Gene context of Aspergillosis

  • Unusual clinical features including a severe outcome in childhood, with a lethal outcome at age 22, and biliary aspergillosis were recorded in patients with a CFTR mutation.CONCLUSIONS: The proportion of CF carriers is not significantly higher in PSC patients than in the general population [26].
  • Involvement of toll-like receptor 2 in experimental invasive pulmonary aspergillosis [27].
  • Our findings indicate that serum PTX3 was elevated in only 1/11 afebrile episodes, despite evidence of mucositis (median 1.39), in 10/10 episodes of blood stream or target organ infections (median 7.2) but, surprisingly, was normal in 5/5 episodes of invasive aspergillosis (median 1.39) [28].
  • Therapeutic administration of SP-D and MBL proteins in a murine model of pulmonary invasive aspergillosis rescued mice from death [29].
  • TNF, a recognition cytokine, has been shown to be required for initiation of the innate response in the mouse model of invasive aspergillosis [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Aspergillosis


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