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BK Virus

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Disease relevance of BK Virus


High impact information on BK Virus

  • CONCLUSIONS: Testing for BK virus DNA in plasma from renal-allograft recipients with use of the polymerase chain reaction is a sensitive and specific method for identifying viral nephropathy [6].
  • Antibody increases to BK virus were associated with a rising seurum creatinine (P = 0.02) and need for transplant biopsy (P = 0.02) [7].
  • BK virus (BKV), which infects a large percentage of the human population and has been associated with a variety of human tumors, encodes a TAg homologous to SV40 TAg [8].
  • Novel mechanisms of E2F induction by BK virus large-T antigen: requirement of both the pRb-binding and the J domains [8].
  • By creating deletion mutants, we determined that the high-level activation of the hybrid BL transcriptional unit by the E1A proteins requires both MLP sequences and an intact BK virus enhancer [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of BK Virus

  • In addition, the MLP could be cis-activated by the BK virus enhancer in both human and monkey kidney cells; approximately 20 times more chloramphenicol acetyltransferase was produced from expression vectors containing a hybrid promoter (BL), in which the BK enhancer was upstream of the MLP, than from expression vectors containing the MLP alone [9].
  • The relative contributions of cyclophosphamide metabolites and BK virus in the development of HC following BMT are unknown [10].
  • The effect of steroid hormones on multiplication of the human polyomavirus BK (BKV) was studied [11].
  • An N-linked glycoprotein with alpha(2,3)-linked sialic acid is a receptor for BK virus [12].
  • A comparison of the proteins of BK virus and SV40 iodinated with chloramine T before and after disruption in alkaline buffer at pH 10.5 revealed differences between the two viruses in the number and distribution of tyrosines available for iodination [13].

Biological context of BK Virus


Anatomical context of BK Virus

  • We have monitored BK virus (BKV) antigen expression and multiplication in human monocytes and in a human macrophage (M luminal diameter)-like cell line (U937) in the presence or absence of dilution series of human or rabbit anti-BKV antisera [19].
  • Constitutive expression of HIV-1 tat protein in human Jurkat T cells using a BK virus vector [20].

Gene context of BK Virus


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of BK Virus


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