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Rats, Inbred BB

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Anatomical context of Rats, Inbred BB

  • We observed that BB rat fetal liver cells injected into irradiated scid mice establish a rat hemopoietic system in the scid mouse bone marrow and populate the scid mouse thymus [19].
  • At the onset of diabetes, both streptozotocin-treated and diabetes-prone BB rats exhibited numerous class II positive islet cells that presented ultrastructural features of monocytes and were surrounded by class II negative islet B cells [20].
  • We now report that low-dose irradiation permits the engraftment of BB rat fetal liver stem cells in scid recipients [19].
  • The relative steady-state mRNA levels of the RT1.D alpha and RT1.D beta genes, but not of the RT1.B beta gene, were elevated approximately 2.5-fold in lymphocytes of prediabetic BB rats 45-75 days old in comparison with age-matched normal WF rats and older BB rats greater than 75 days old [21].
  • In contrast, there was no significant decrease in the VMAT2-positive fiber area in the exocrine pancreas in these early diabetic BB rats [22].

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