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Gene Review

MVP  -  major vault protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: LRP, Lung resistance-related protein, Major vault protein, VAULT1
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Disease relevance of MVP


High impact information on MVP


Chemical compound and disease context of MVP


Biological context of MVP

  • Therefore, YB-1 is directly linked to MVP-mediated drug resistance [13].
  • Ectopic upregulation of MVP was seen in hilar neurons in HS, dysplastic neurons in FCD, and lesional neurons in DNT [1].
  • Vaults and MVP have been associated with several cellular processes which are also involved in cancer development like cell motility and differentiation [14].
  • Because cells transfected with the LRP gene did not express the multidrug-resistant phenotype, we investigated whether LRP is involved in multidrug resistance [7].
  • These data indicate that although both the MRP and LRP genes map to the short arm of chromosome 16, they are rarely coamplified and are not normally located within the same amplicon [15].

Anatomical context of MVP


Associations of MVP with chemical compounds

  • 5-FU also induced reporter expressions driven by a panel of newly generated MVP promoter deletion mutants [13].
  • Isolated nuclei from untreated cells or sodium butyrate-treated cells incubated with anti-LRP polyclonal antibodies contained more doxorubicin than the nuclei of sodium butyrate-treated cells alone [7].
  • For lung resistance-related protein, this association was limited to 5-fluorouracil, Adriamycin/epirubicin, and cyclophosphamide [18].
  • The optimal fixation for P-gp (C219, MRK16), MRP (MRPr1) and LRP (LRP56) was a mixture of 2% (v/v) formaldehyde solution and acetone incubated for only 10 s at room temperature (FAc) [2].
  • The results of the present study indicate that resistance in LoVo/C7 cells cannot be attributed to alterations in P-gp, LRP or GSH/GSH-dependent enzyme levels [19].

Physical interactions of MVP


Regulatory relationships of MVP

  • Here, we demonstrate that besides MDR-related cytostatics, also the non-MDR-related drug 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) was able to induce MVP mRNA and protein expression [13].
  • In summary, our data demonstrate a direct involvement of YB-1 in controlling basal and 5-FU-induced MVP promoter activity [13].
  • Mutation of this site distinctly reduced basal as well as IFN-gamma-stimulated MVP transcription [23].
  • Treatment of the tumor cells with EGF or TGFalpha (25 ng/ml) significantly down-regulated total cellular LRP [24].

Other interactions of MVP


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MVP


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