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Chemical Compound Review

AGN-PC-00JWQM     3-propanoyloxy-4- trimethylammonio-butanoate

Synonyms: CHEMBL2074916, CHEBI:28867, HMDB00824, HSDB 7589, CTK8D5864, ...
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Disease relevance of (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium


Psychiatry related information on (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium


High impact information on (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium


Chemical compound and disease context of (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium


Biological context of (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium


Anatomical context of (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium


Associations of (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium with other chemical compounds


Gene context of (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of (3-carboxy-2-propionyloxy-propyl)-trimethyl-ammonium


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