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Chemical Compound Review

pantethine     N-[2-[2-[2-[3-[(2,4- dihydroxy-3,3-dimethyl...

Synonyms: Bis-pantethine, Pantosin (TN), AG-D-77241, ACMC-20mx7k, NSC-759269, ...
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Disease relevance of pantethine


Psychiatry related information on pantethine

  • Dose- and time-response effects of pantethine on open-field behavior, and on central neurotransmission in rats [6].
  • It might be that the striatal dopaminergic transmission, modified by administration of pantethine, plays some role in the higher locomotor activity induced by the substance [7].

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Chemical compound and disease context of pantethine


Biological context of pantethine


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Gene context of pantethine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of pantethine

  • In the lenses of animals protected from protein aggregation and opacification by administration of 1.5 mmol kg-1 pantethine, the pattern of proteins in SDS-PAGE gels resembled the pattern for proteins from transparent lenses of normal untreated animals and loss of cytoskeletal proteins was prevented [24].
  • Pantethine improves the lipid abnormalities of chronic hemodialysis patients: results of a multicenter clinical trial [25].
  • In several animal models, preliminary studies have indicated that pantethine may inhibit cataract formation [26].
  • Application of pantethine 5 X 10(-3) Gm/ml under hypoxic perfusion prolonged action potential duration and effective refractory period significantly [27].
  • Following pantethine, the ambulation increased during the later tests (60 min, 240 min, 24 hr) [28].


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