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Chemical Compound Review

Benzphos     6-chloro-3- (diethoxyphosphinothioylsulfan y...

Synonyms: Phosalon, Phozalon, fozalone, Azofene, Fosalon, ...
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Disease relevance of Benzophosphate


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Biological context of Benzophosphate


Anatomical context of Benzophosphate


Associations of Benzophosphate with other chemical compounds

  • The degradation rate of phosalone was not high when the photolysis was carried out in the absence of TiO2 and it was negligible in the absence of UV light [17].
  • In baled alfalfa the half-life of diazinon and phosalone were 2.8 and 16.7 weeks, respectively [18].
  • Brain cholinesterase (ChE) activities of songbirds collected in pecan groves 6 to 7 hr after separate applications of the organophosphorus pesticides, phosalone and disulfoton, were compared to mean ChE activities of controls (normals) as a measure of insecticide exposure [19].

Gene context of Benzophosphate


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Benzophosphate

  • The cooking and especially the filtration of the puréed apple mechanically eliminates, without notable deterioration, 40-70% of the phosalone [2].
  • Filter paper and leaf disk techniques for larvae were two bioassay methods used to determine phosalone susceptibility in L. decemlineata populations [20].


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