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Chemical Compound Review

RIOPROSTIL     (2R,3S,4R)-4-hydroxy-2-(7- hydroxyheptyl)-3...

Synonyms: Rioprostilo, Rioprostilum, AC1NSKL0, SureCN186845, ORF-15927, ...
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Disease relevance of TR-4698


High impact information on TR-4698


Chemical compound and disease context of TR-4698


Biological context of TR-4698

  • Additional studies determined that administration of rioprostil at doses of 720, 1440, or 2160 micrograms/kg/24 hr (935-2805 times the gastroprotective ED50 in 24 hr pumps) was well tolerated, with only slight, transient increases in body temperature, softening of the stools, and mild sedation at the highest dose [13].
  • Pharmacokinetics of rioprostil in rats [14].
  • The effects of rioprostil on gastric emptying and intragastric acidity [15].
  • Thus, the metabolism of rioprostil proceeds via the biotransformation pathways of the naturally occurring prostaglandins [16].
  • The influence of rioprostil on the resting pressure of the lower oesophageal sphincter (LESP) and on the bolus-stimulated contraction wave amplitude of primary peristalsis is investigated in 9 healthy male volunteers receiving placebo or 300 micrograms and 600 micrograms of rioprostil orally in a randomized, double-blind, threefold crossover study [17].

Anatomical context of TR-4698


Associations of TR-4698 with other chemical compounds

  • This paper characterizes the ability of rioprostil, a synthetic primary alcohol prostaglandin E1 analog, to inhibit gastric acid secretion and prevent experimentally induced gastric lesions in rats and dogs, and determines the selectivity (the separation in potency) for these effects [18].
  • Misoprostol and rioprostil reduced integrated incremental responses of GIP by 57% (P less than or equal to 0.001) and 45% (P less than or equal to 0.01), respectively, and both gave rise to an initial (approximately 10 min) delay of insulin and C-peptide responses, without a significant overall reduction in integrated incremental responses [23].
  • In a double-blind crossover study, the gastric effects of a single oral dose of rioprostil (150 and 300 micrograms) or placebo were compared in basal conditions and during a 120-minute pentagastrin infusion [24].
  • A preliminary analysis on a group of 182 patients participating in a large, multicentre trial comparing nocturnal rioprostil, 600 micrograms and ranitidine, 300 mg, is presented [25].
  • In vitro experimental evidence suggests that the mechanism of the gastric antisecretory activity of rioprostil involves inhibition of the membrane bound histamine-stimulated adenylate cyclase [26].

Gene context of TR-4698

  • Rioprostil administration, 300 micrograms twice daily resulted in a significant decrease of fasting insulin, C-peptide, glucagon, and pancreatic polypeptide [27].
  • Basal serum gastrin levels and postprandial gastrin output are unchanged after treatment with rioprostil [28].
  • Rioprostil, given in a dose of 100 micrograms b.i.d. to rats for 1 week significantly increases antral mucosal height but has no influence on the mucosal concentrations and cell densities of the gastric peptides, gastrin and somatostatin [28].
  • The integrated 3-hour plasma gastrin response to the peptone meals was not significantly changed by any of the doses of rioprostil [29].
  • In addition, in these rats rioprostil increased mucin levels and did not cause dermal irritation [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TR-4698


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