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Gene Review

APOC2  -  apolipoprotein C-II

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: APC2, APO-CII, APOC-II, Apo-CII, ApoC-II, ...
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Disease relevance of APOC2


Psychiatry related information on APOC2


High impact information on APOC2


Chemical compound and disease context of APOC2


Biological context of APOC2

  • Results were combined with data from CHEF and field inversion-gel-electrophoresis separation of large-sized DNA restriction fragments to establish a map localizing both DNA-repair genes and the CKMM gene within the same 250 kb of DNA, the order being cen-CKMM-ERCC2-ERCC1-ter, with APOC2 being at more than 260 kb proximal to CKMM [16].
  • The putative glioma tumor suppressor gene on chromosome 19q maps between APOC2 and HRC [1].
  • To narrow the location of this tumor suppressor further, we studied 138 gliomas for loss of allelic heterozygosity at six microsatellite polymorphisms between APOC2 and HRC, including a newly described polymorphism in the ERCC2 gene [17].
  • In the present report it is shown that the same Hpa I RFLP can be revealed with both the APOC1 and APOC2 cDNA probes [3].
  • Linkage disequilibrium detected between dystrophia myotonica and APOC2 locus in the Finnish population [18].

Anatomical context of APOC2


Associations of APOC2 with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of APOC2

  • These results indicated that neither TG solubility nor amount of apoC-II binding were determinate factors in LPL-mediated lipolysis under physiological conditions [25].

Enzymatic interactions of APOC2


Regulatory relationships of APOC2

  • To determine the minimal sequence requirements for activation, we have prepared both native and synthetic fragments of apoC-II and tested them for their ability to activate LPL [28].

Other interactions of APOC2

  • These studies suggest that the maximal activation of LPL by apoC-II requires a minimal sequence contained within residues 55--78 [28].
  • When taken together with previous studies, our results suggest the following physical gene map: pter-LDLR-C3-p13.2-PEPD-centromere-(APOE, APOC1, APOC2, GPI)-qter [29].
  • 4. The minimum area of overlap shared by the interstitial deletions is between APOC2 and HRC, including ERCC1, DM, and D19S112 [1].
  • The apolipoprotein gene cluster on human chromosome 19 (APOC1, APOC2, APOE) has been localised by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis to within 200 kb of a chronic lymphocytic leukemia-associated translocation breakpoint [30].
  • The results provide evidence for close linkage between PEPD and APOC2 in males [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of APOC2


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