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Chemical Compound Review

Tributin     2,3-dibutanoyloxypropyl butanoate

Synonyms: Butyrin, TRIBUTYRIN, Tributyroin, Tributyrinine, Tri-n-butyrin, ...
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  • Replacing the loop of LPL with the loop of hepatic lipase, which differs in 15 of 22 amino acids but is also amphiphilic, led to the expression of an enzyme that retained both triolein and tributyrin hydrolyzing activity [24].
  • Replacing HL Ser147 with glycine also resulted in a protein with little or no measurable activity for tributyrin, a substrate which does not provide a lipid interface [25].
  • A monospecific anti-HL polyclonal antibody interacting with the C-terminal HL-derived domain of the chimeric enzyme abolished the enzyme's ability to hydrolyze triglyceride emulsion but not tributyrin substrates [26].
  • Pig pancreatic carboxylester lipase (cholesterol esterase, E.C. was inactivated at a tributyrin/water interface [27].
  • Similar crosses were set up involving parental flies with normally heterozygous genetic background as a control.--Significant deviations from mendelian expectation were observed in inbred E-5 flies grown on tributyrin, inbred ODH males grown on octanol, and inbred ODH females grown on ethanol [28].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Glycerol tributanoate


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