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Chemical Compound Review

DETOMIDINE     4-[(2,3- dimethylphenyl)methyl]-3H- imidazole

Synonyms: Detomidina, Detomidinum, SureCN247340, SureCN2626815, AC1Q4WOG, ...
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Disease relevance of DETOMIDINE

  • The functional alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonistic effect of MPV-1743 A III was demonstrated by studying the ability of orally administered MPV-1743 A III to reverse and prevent the alpha2-adrenoceptor agonist detomidine-induced mydriasis in rat [1].
  • Prazosin somewhat inhibited but did not eliminate the hyperthermia seen with the very high doses of detomidine [2].
  • Bradycardia (heart rate < 145 beats/min) was detected at each evaluation time in cats treated orally with detomidine and ketamine and in all cats treated i.m. Minimal differences among groups were detected for heart and respiratory rates, rectal temperature, and hemoglobin oxygen saturation [3].
  • The BIS was calculated before (awake) and after (sedated) administration of detomidine (0.01 mg/kg of body weight, IV) and butorphanol (0.01 mg/kg, IV) [4].
  • Results indicate that use of detomidine for CEA and CSA in mares probably induces local spinal and CNS effects, marked sedation, moderate ataxia, mild cardiopulmonary depression, and renal diuresis [5].

Psychiatry related information on DETOMIDINE

  • Development and characterization of an equine behaviour chamber and the effects of amitraz and detomidine on spontaneous locomotor activity [6].
  • Detomidine was a good analgesic in control animals; their pain thresholds were significantly elevated for about 60 minutes [7].
  • Several alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists reduce wakefulness and inhibit paradoxical sleep, whereas novel imidazoline derivatives, such as detomidine, display sedative and analgesic properties which have been related to the activation of central alpha-2 adrenoceptors [8].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DETOMIDINE

  • Evaluation of detomidine-induced analgesia in horses with chronic hoof pain [29].
  • Detomidine produced a dose-dependent increase in HCT and a decrease in the subjective grade of hoof withdrawal response through 55 min after treatment [29].
  • Slow injection (particularly of the low dose rates) and premedication with detomidine resulted in a longer time to collapse (median 46 seconds) [30].
  • Radioimmunoassay of detomidine, a new benzylimidazole drug with analgesic sedation properties [28].
  • METHODS: Six healthy, mature horses were sedated with an i.v. bolus of detomidine (0.02 mg/kg bwt) and butorphanol (0.02 mg/kg bwt) and instrumented to determine the changes in cardiopulmonary function, haematology, serum chemistry and PF values during and after pneumoperitoneum with CO2 to 15 mmHg pressure for standing laparoscopy [31].


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