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Chemical Compound Review

Benzyladenine     N-benzyl-7H-purin-6-amine

Synonyms: Pro-Shear, Cytokinin B, Prestwick_414, PubChem9266, SureCN35562, ...
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Disease relevance of Cytokinin B


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Chemical compound and disease context of Cytokinin B


Biological context of Cytokinin B


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Gene context of Cytokinin B

  • In alfalfa and clover, Enod40 expression was induced upon BAP treatment, whereas this seems not to be the case in L. japonicus; these results correlate with effects at the cellular level because BAP can induce pseudonodules in alfalfa and clover but not in L. japonicus [25].
  • Induction of cim 1 mRNA accumulation occurred at benzyladenine concentrations as low as 10(-8) M [26].
  • Differential response of PCNA and Cdk-A proteins and associated kinase activities to benzyladenine and abscisic acid during maize seed germination [27].
  • The highest regeneration rate (>90%) and the largest number of shoot clumps per regenerating leaf (>4 shoot clumps/explant) were obtained with leaves of genotype PH2 cultured on MS basal medium supplemented with 17.76 microM BAP and 4.92 microM IBA [28].
  • The association constants (Ka's) of CSBP for 4PU30 and BA were calculated to be 4 x 10(10) M-1 and 3 x 10(9) M-1, respectively [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cytokinin B


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