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Chemical Compound Review

AC1O3F40     azaniumyloxysulfonylperoxysulf onyloxyazanium

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Disease relevance of Ammonium persulfate

  • Studies on Salmonella typhi and Salmonella typhimurium outer membrane proteins have shown that the relative position of OmpC porin in sodium dodecyl sulfate.polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis undergoes an important shift when the concentration of ammonium persulfate in the running gel is increased from 6 to 12 mM [1].
  • Hairdressers should be made aware that these ammonium persulfate hair bleach preparations may provoke severe reactions and should seek medical attention if the client complains of severe itching, tingling, a burning sensation, hives, dizziness, or weakness [2].
  • The skin-prick test with ammonium persulfate performed in a subset of patients gave negative results CONCLUSIONS: In the present study, we confirmed that persulfate salts are the major agents involved in OA and occupational rhinitis in hairdressers [3].
  • Immediate and delayed hypersensitivity to ammonium persulfate [4].
  • Lisinopril did not alter cardiac contractile frequency in the absence of hypoxia or ammonium persulfate or tertbutylhydroperoxide [5].

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Gene context of Ammonium persulfate

  • This aggregation depended on the presence of reduced sulfhydryl residues on IP-10, on the amount of loaded protein, and on the concentration of the ammonium persulfate used to polymerize the stacking gel [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ammonium persulfate


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