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Gene Review

Trpv6  -  transient receptor potential cation...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: CaT1, Calcium transport protein 1, ECaC2, Ecac2, Epithelial calcium channel 2, ...
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Disease relevance of Trpv6


High impact information on Trpv6


Biological context of Trpv6


Anatomical context of Trpv6


Associations of Trpv6 with chemical compounds

  • Fe(3+), Fe(2+), Mn(2+), and Zn(2+) have no significant effects at 100 microM on CaT1-mediated Ca(2+) transport [9].
  • CaT1 is also permeant to Sr(2+) and Ba(2+) (but not Mg(2+)), although the currents evoked by Sr(2+) and Ba(2+) are much smaller than those evoked by Ca(2+) [9].
  • The trivalent cations Gd(3+) and La(3+) and the divalent cations Cu(2+), Pb(2+), Cd(2+), Co(2+), and Ni(2+) (each at 100 microM) do not evoke currents themselves, but inhibit CaT1-mediated Ca(2+) transport [9].
  • To evaluate the sex steroids involved in uterine CaT1 mRNA regulation, 17beta-estradiol (E2) and/or progesterone (P4) were injected into immature rats [10].
  • Calcium transport, however, was inhibited by vanadate in a concentration-dependent fashion with a K0.5 of 10 microM [13].

Regulatory relationships of Trpv6

  • Together, these results suggest that CaT1 is regulated by P4 at diestrus via a PR-dependent pathway [10].
  • Calcium transport by the Ca2(+)-pumping ATPase in rat duodenal basolateral-enriched membrane vesicles was stimulated by synthetic calbindin-D9k in a similar fashion to the purified natural protein [14].

Other interactions of Trpv6


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Trpv6

  • Calcium transport by the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger was measured in plasma membranes vesicles purified from rat brain and in primary rat cortical cell culture [17].
  • Northern-blot analysis of intestinal ribonucleic acid of vitamin D-deficient rats given seven daily injections of vehicle or 100 ng 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) or 19-norD(2) revealed that 19-norD(2) was less potent than 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) in stimulating expression of CaT1, Calbindin D9k and PMCA1 [18].


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