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Disease relevance of Diestrus


Psychiatry related information on Diestrus


High impact information on Diestrus


Chemical compound and disease context of Diestrus


Biological context of Diestrus


Anatomical context of Diestrus


Associations of Diestrus with chemical compounds

  • These data together with the normal expression in the cycling mice suggest that progesterone might repress Muc-1 expression during the metestrus and diestrus phases [26].
  • Highest levels of glucose utilization occurred during proestrus and metestrus, whereas lower rates were found during estrus and diestrus [27].
  • This resulted in HPV16 neutralizing titers of IgG only being achieved during diestrus upon parenteral immunization [28].
  • We found that following Depo-provera-treatment, mice had prolonged diestrus that lasted more than 4 weeks [29].
  • In female rats in diestrus a 1:125,000 dilution of anti-bLH-beta stained Kurosumi-Oota "LH cells," "FSH cells," and cells with some morphological characteristics of both types [30].

Gene context of Diestrus

  • Ovarian GnRH mRNA levels increased in the morning of diestrus 1 and early afternoon of proestrus [31].
  • The pituitary GnRH receptor content in PCO rats was similar to that observed in normal controls at estrus and was significantly lower than that for rats at diestrus [32].
  • Pacap mRNA levels in the PVN declined significantly on the morning of diestrus [33].
  • The Bf mRNA remained undetectable, whereas a readily detectable C3 mRNA level reappeared, in diestrus [34].
  • The expression of CRLR and RAMP1 was significantly (P < 0.05) elevated during pregnancy compared to nonpregnant diestrus state (NP-DE) [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Diestrus

  • Ovariectomy on the day of diestrus prevented the decline in the responsiveness of the anterior lobe to the actions of dopamine normally seen 2 days later (on the presumptive day of estrus) [36].
  • Estradiol facilitated the effect of stimulation on early appearance of leucocytes in the vaginal smear in the estrous cycle and pseudopregnancy-length diestrus; contrarily, progesterone, in a few cases, inhibited both effects [37].
  • Using quantitative PCR, we determined that levels of GC-A and GC-B mRNAs were highest in the ovaries of proestrous animals and were approximately 2- to 3-fold higher than the levels seen at diestrus [38].
  • Coronal hippocampal sections from diestrus rats were immunolabeled with antibodies to ERbeta and examined by light and electron microscopy [39].
  • On the morning of diestrus, each rat was ovariectomized and assigned to one of three treatment groups: Control--injected with sesame oil (n = 5); Surge--injected with estradiol benzoate (EB, 10 micrograms) to produce an LH surge (n = 5); or, Surge+Prazosin--injected with EB and a prazosin-filled inner cannula was put into the POA (n = 6) [40].


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