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Gene Review

ALDH3A2  -  aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family, member A2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ALDH10, Aldehyde dehydrogenase 10, Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 3 member A2, FALDH, Fatty aldehyde dehydrogenase, ...
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Disease relevance of ALDH3A2


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Chemical compound and disease context of ALDH3A2


Biological context of ALDH3A2


Anatomical context of ALDH3A2

  • We performed mutation analysis in probands or fetuses from 13 unrelated SLS families and identified seven novel ALDH3A2 mutations [13].
  • Although this gene is expressed in a variety of human tissues, the expression level of ALDH10 in the liver and skeletal muscle appears to be higher than that in other tissues examined [14].
  • To assess the role of FALDH in the detoxification of oxidized lipid species, we evaluated the production of reactive oxygen species in normal versus FALDH-overexpressing adipocytes [15].
  • Upon insulin injection, FALDH mRNA expression increased in rat liver and white adipose tissue and was impaired in two models of insulin-resistant mice, db/db and high fat diet mice [15].
  • Moreover, insulin treatment increases FALDH activity in hepatocytes, and expression of FALDH was augmented during adipocyte differentiation [15].

Associations of ALDH3A2 with chemical compounds


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ALDH3A2

  • Our results demonstrate that SLS is caused by a strikingly heterogeneous group of mutations in the FALDH gene and provide a framework for understanding the genetic basis of SLS and the development of DNA-based diagnostic tests [23].
  • Isoelectric focusing analysis indicated that ALDH3 is hardly expressed in normal as well as patients' fibroblast cells, while ALDH10 expressed in the normal cells is diminished in the three patients' cells [24].
  • Differential centrifugation studies in fibroblasts indicated that this FALDH enzyme was largely particulate; soluble FALDH activity was normal in SLS cells [18].
  • By site-directed mutagenesis we have prepared the T269I and the D267E mutants and the D267E/T269I double mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae FALDH with the aim of investigating the role of these residues in the kinetics [25].
  • The current lack of treatment is an impetus to develop gene therapy strategies by introducing functional FALDH into defective cells [3].


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