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Gene Review

FHL1  -  four and a half LIM domains 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FHL-1, FHL1A, FHL1B, FLH1A, Four and a half LIM domains protein 1, ...
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Disease relevance of FHL1


High impact information on FHL1


Biological context of FHL1


Anatomical context of FHL1


Associations of FHL1 with chemical compounds

  • We show that FHL-1 presents a higher binding affinity for S. pyogenes than factor H because it carries a hydrophobic, high-affinity, GAS binding site in addition to the heparin binding site in SCR7 [10].
  • Since the 25-HC, 9-cis RA and 15d-PGJ2 were ligands for the LXR, RXRalpha and PPARgamma respectively, there might be a functional positive cross-talk between LXR and RXRalpha pathways and a negative cross-talk between PPARgamma and LXR and/or RXRalpha pathways in the regulation of SLIM1 expression [11].
  • In addition, an over-production of SLIM1 in the cells resulted in a change in the cell-shape into a spindle-like form, which is identical to that observed after a prolonged treatment of the cells with cholesterol [11].
  • Up-regulation of skeletal muscle LIM protein 1 gene by 25-hydroxycholesterol may mediate morphological changes of rat aortic smooth muscle cells [11].
  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate ease of insertion, acceptability and endometrial safety of a novel, miniature intrauterine, T-shaped, levonorgestrel (LNG)-releasing intrauterine system (IUS), Femilis Slim LNG-IUS (Contrel Research, Belgium), combined with parenteral estrogen substitution therapy (EST) in postmenopausal women [12].

Other interactions of FHL1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FHL1


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