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Glomerular Mesangium

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  • In the course of glomerular development, small groups of PDGF-Rbeta and desmin-expressing cells collected in the 'S'-shaped and early cup-shaped vesicles, and at later stages such cells were found in the glomerular mesangium [6].
  • Among non-central nervous system tissues and tumors, GMEM was found by peroxidase-antiperoxidase immunohistology in normal liver sinusoids, spleen red pulp sinusoids, kidney medullary tubule interstitium, and glomerular mesangium and in association with vascular and stromal elements of several undifferentiated tumors [7].
  • Western blot analysis demonstrated increased PKC beta in diabetic animals, localized by immunofluorescence to the glomerular mesangium [8].
  • MCBM width did not correlate with age, duration of diabetes, creatinine clearance, urinary albumin excretion, or fractional volume of the glomerular mesangium [9].
  • Uptake of polyvinyl alcohol by macrophages in the glomerular mesangium of rats. Histologic and functional studies [10].

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