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Gene Review

Mmp3  -  matrix metallopeptidase 3

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: MMP-3, Matrix metalloproteinase-3, PTR1 protein, SL-1, Stromelysin-1, ...
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Disease relevance of Mmp3


High impact information on Mmp3

  • We report here that nerve growth factor (NGF) induced the gene encoding the metalloprotease transin in PC12 cells with a time course coincident with the initial appearance of neurites by these cells [5].
  • Acidic and basic fibroblast growth factors also stimulated transin mRNA expression and neurite outgrowth, whereas various other agents had no effects on either of these phenomena [5].
  • Finally, we show that sequences contained within 750 bp of the 5' untranscribed region of the transin gene confer responsiveness to NGF and dexamethasone [5].
  • Rat hepatic lipocytes synthesize and secrete transin (stromelysin) in early primary culture [6].
  • However, induction of delayed NGF response genes such as TGF-beta1 and MMP-3 was inhibited [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Mmp3


Biological context of Mmp3


Anatomical context of Mmp3

  • Moreover, the levels of MMP-3 were also found to be increased significantly in the rat PD brain model produced by the cerebral injection of 6-hydroxydopamine into the substantia nigra [12].
  • Double labeling with GFAP confirmed the presence of MMP-3 within reactive astrocytes induced by each injury model [13].
  • MMP-3 co-localized with activated microglia (Ox-42+) and ischemic neurons (NeuN+) [14].
  • MMP-3 in microglia/macrophages may be activating proMMP-9 [14].
  • The expression of MMP-9 and MMP-3 was localized mainly to the cerebrovasculature in LPS-stimulated brain tissue, predominantly in the perivascular cells of the basal lamina near the site of injection [1].

Associations of Mmp3 with chemical compounds

  • Dibutyryl cyclic AMP also induced transin RNA [10].
  • Whereas the calcium ionophore A23187 and the tumor promoter TPA, either alone or administered together, did not increase transin RNA levels, TPA could synergise with a serum factor to effect such an increase [10].
  • Incubation in 10(-7) and 10(-5) M fluoride resulted in a decrease in expression of the 45-kD MMP, sharp increases in the expression of MMP-3, and the appearance of a band at 110 kD, which showed immunoreactivity for MMP-9 [15].
  • Preliminary characterization of this staurosporine-sensitive kinase suggest that it does not correspond to a tyrosine kinase, nor various serine kinases, and that it is involved both at the transcriptional and posttranscriptional levels of transin gene regulation [16].
  • We show that a synthetic peptide PRCGVPDV is capable of acting as a weak inhibitor of transin and that replacement of the Cys with a Ser abolishes inhibition by the peptide [17].

Regulatory relationships of Mmp3


Other interactions of Mmp3


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mmp3

  • Semi-quantitative RT-PCR revealed that MMP-3 mRNA also increased after each injury, however, the combined insult induced a much greater elevation than fluid percussion alone: 1.9-fold vs. 79%, respectively [13].
  • Immunofluorescence staining of sections of rat mammary gland with antibodies to 72 KD gelatinase (MMP-2) and stromelysin (MMP-3) revealed increased production of these two proteinases during involution [25].
  • The expression of MMP-1 and MMP-3 increased 3-fold (p < 0.001) within the renal cortex 24 h following nephrectomy, and then gradually decreased to the control level after 7 days [26].
  • In the present study we observed that human Schwann cells and cutaneous neurofibroma Schwann cell cultures secreted abundant MMP-3 and their proliferation was inhibited by autologous and rat Schwann cell conditioned media [27].
  • Transin messenger RNA in lipocytes was analyzed by Northern blotting [6].


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