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Auditory Cortex

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Disease relevance of Auditory Cortex


Psychiatry related information on Auditory Cortex


High impact information on Auditory Cortex

  • In the primary auditory cortex (AI) dopamine release has been observed during auditory learning that remodels the sound-frequency representations [11].
  • The auditory stimulus, which consisted of a monaurally presented factual story caused an increase in glucose metabolism in the auditory cortex in the hemisphere contralateral to the stimulated ear [12].
  • Auditory cortex cheers the overture and listens through the finale [13].
  • This study provides in vivo evidence that experience-dependent plasticity, evident in hemodynamic changes in human auditory cortex, is modulated by acetylcholine [14].
  • Thus, altered stimulation of nAChRs by CNE during week 2, but not before or after, disrupts the development of glutamate synapses in rat auditory cortex [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Auditory Cortex

  • RESULTS: Glucose metabolism in the auditory cortex of tinnitus patients was asymmetric between the left and right auditory cortices, with that of the left being much higher than that of the right [16].

Biological context of Auditory Cortex

  • Feature-specific stimulus discrimination related to short-term auditory sensory memory can be studied electrophysiologically using a specific event-related potential (ERP) component termed mismatch negativity (MMN), which is generated in the auditory cortex, indexing automatic comparison of the existing memory trace to incoming novel stimuli [17].
  • OBJECTIVE: To study activity of auditory cortex reflected by the N100 and P200 components of the auditory evoked potentials during memorization and scanning of short-term memory stores [18].
  • Neuroplasticity of auditory cortex after stape surgery for otosclerosis: a magnetoencephalographic study [19].
  • We analysed the differentiation and areal distribution of Cajal-Retzius (C-R) cells in the human auditory cortex using acetylcholinesterase (AChE) technique on specimens ranging between 10 weeks of gestation (w.) and the 3rd postnatal month [20].

Anatomical context of Auditory Cortex


Associations of Auditory Cortex with chemical compounds

  • Kainic acid lesions of the dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus: effects on binaural evoked responses in rat auditory cortex [26].
  • While studying single trial variability and state-dependent modulation of evoked responses in auditory cortex of ketamine/xylazine-anesthetized rats, we have observed an apparent violation of this model [27].
  • OXO-induced LCGU increases were not influenced by methylatropine (1 mg/kg, s.c.) but were antagonized completely by scopolamine (2.5 mg/kg, i.p.). Scopolamine reduced LCGU in layer IV of the auditory cortex and in the retrosplenial cortex [28].
  • In contrast, the imagery condition elicited bilateral hemodynamic responses only in the secondary auditory cortex (including the planum temporale) [29].
  • CS animals demonstrated significantly greater, fear-enhanced increases in CBF-TR in auditory cortex than controls [30].

Gene context of Auditory Cortex


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Auditory Cortex


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