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Chemical Compound Review

Methylatropine     (8,8-dimethyl-8- azoniabicyclo[3.2.1]oct-3...

Synonyms: SureCN824874, AG-J-97329, SPBio_002929, CCG-204126, Lopac0_000030, ...
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  • But, in striking contrast with the blockade of the response to volume expansion induced by intraventricular injection of methylatropine, the response to volume expansion was markedly enhanced by i.p. injection of methylatropine [2].
  • The molecular weight of tropin T kinase as determined by gel filtration exceeds 500 000 [37].
  • Pretreatment of rats with either bilateral vagotomy or i. v. methylatropine (1 mg/kg) did not modify significantly the hypotensive and bradycardic responses to EOMV [38].
  • Neither methylatropine pretreatment nor adrenalectomy prevented the response to TRH injected into the nha, suggesting that activation of the cardiac sympathetic nerves may mediate TRH actions in this region [39].
  • The results show that the hyperglycemic response to hemorrhage was decreased by either methylatropine (H-MA) treatment or bilateral carotid receptor denervation (10.3+/-0.4 mM, control, n=15 vs. 7.7+/-0.2 mM, H-MA, n=12, and 7.6+/-0.3 mM, H-CD, n=5, p<0.01) [40].


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