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Chemical Compound Review

Dulcolax     [4-[(4-acetyloxyphenyl)- pyridin-2-yl...

Synonyms: Brocalax, Dulcolan, Stadalax, Theralax, Durolax, ...
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Disease relevance of Dulcolax


Psychiatry related information on Dulcolax

  • Bisacodyl was used to initiate colonic motor activity, and colonic transit was monitored using 99mTc-DPTA and a gamma camera [6].
  • The aim of this study was to compare oral intake of sodium phosphate solution (SP) with a conventional method of bowel preparation using Bisacodyl combined with repeated water enemas until the appearance of clear return fluid (BE) on bowel preparation and to compare patient compliance in a randomized-investigator blinded trial [7].
  • A randomized prospective trial was performed comparing Golytely (with bisacodyl) with our standard two-day catharsis and bowel washout regimen as colon preparation for double-contrast barium enema examinations [8].

High impact information on Dulcolax

  • Although there was no significant difference in the basal sigmoid motility index between constipated patients and controls, response to intrarectal bisacodyl (5 mg) was impaired in the constipated group, being 479 +/- 22.1 and 735 +/- 24.7, respectively (p less than 0.01) [9].
  • Fleet's enema and bisacodyl by rectum may mislead the proctologist and the pathologist by altering normal rectal mucosa [10].
  • Both Fleet's enema and bisacodyl caused sloughing of surface epithelium [10].
  • In addition, bisacodyl decreased the uptake of hematoxylin and eosin by crypt epithelial cells so that the affected cells had a partially erased appearance (16 of 25 biopsies examined by light microscopy) [10].
  • Bisacodyl inhibited water absorption in rat jejunum, ileum, and colon [11].

Biological context of Dulcolax

  • Defecation was initiated by a Dulcolax suppository [12].
  • The analytical method developed was based on liquid chromatographic determination after hydrolysis of the conjugated metabolite of bisacodyl and selective isolation from the urine [13].
  • When confronted by a combined team of cardiology, gastroenterology, and psychiatry specialist, she admitted her laxative abuse and surrendered her supply of Dulcolax tablets [5].
  • The purpose of this study was to determine some relationships between colonic myoelectric spiking activity and intraluminal propulsion when colonic peristalsis was stimulated by bisacodyl [14].
  • The stimulant laxatives, danthron, sennosid A and bisacodyl, significantly induced cell proliferation in almost the entire intestinal epithelia in a clear dose-dependent manner [15].

Anatomical context of Dulcolax

  • A 1978 household survey and a 1981 survey of stores and health facilities document the availability of breast milk substitutes, promotion of infant food and formula through the medical sector, and the effects of such promotion on the infant-feeding practices of mothers in the Bicol region of the Philippines [16].
  • Bisacodyl, used to test the functional integrity of the myenteric plexus, elicited strong propulsive contractions and urgency [17].
  • Regardless of route of administration to p53(+/-) mice, phenolphthalein but not bisacodyl was unequivocally genotoxic, causing increased micronuclei in polychromatic erythrocytes [18].
  • Golytely alone was successful in only 21 (53%) of 40 patients, but Golytely followed by Dulcolax achieved good or excellent feces removal in 31 (82%) of 38 [19].
  • BACKGROUND: Bisacodyl and colchicine affect smooth-muscle contractility, intestinal water, and electrolyte transport [20].

Associations of Dulcolax with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Dulcolax

  • METHODS: One hundred fifty consecutive patients (148 men) undergoing outpatient colonoscopy were randomly selected for one of three preparations (Prep 1: 4 L PEG-ELS; Prep 2: 2 L PEG-ELS plus 296 mL magnesium citrate 1 hour prior; Prep 3: 2 L PEG-ELS plus bisacodyl 20 mg) [26].
  • Reducing the proportion of pellets to 60% per tablet, less than 10% of bisacodyl were released within 2 h during acid treatment thus fulfilling the requirements of the USP 23 [27].
  • The expression of iNOS was unaffected by bowel preparation with bisacodyl or polyethylene glycol [28].
  • The sample was incubated with beta-glucuronidase at 37 degrees C for 2 h; bisacodyl metabolite was extracted with tert-butyl methyl ether, then derivatized by methylation, and subjected to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry [29].
  • We examined the effects of 1,3-dipropyl-8-cyclopentylxanthine (DPCPX) and (R)-7,8-dihydro-8-ethyl-2-(3-noradamantyl)-4-propyl-1H-imidazo[2,1 -i]purin- 5(4H)-one (KF20274), selective adenosine A1-receptor antagonists, on the gastrointestinal propulsion in rats, as compared with those of the laxative bisacodyl [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dulcolax


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