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Salivary Glands, Minor

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  • In symptomatic patients, Schirmer's test, rose bengal corneal staining, salivary flow rate measurement, autoantibody screening, and minor salivary gland biopsy were performed [24].
  • This investigation evaluated a procedure to measure the quantity of secretion by the minor salivary glands from various locations in the mouth before and after citric acid stimulation [25].
  • The addition of amifostine to IMRT may augment parotid salivary sparing, and add submandibular/sublingual, and minor salivary gland sparing resulting in greater salivary flow rates and a more physiologic saliva [26].
  • RESULTS: Treatment with lamivudine did not result in significant improvement in the primary outcome measure of unstimulated whole salivary flow or other secondary measures, including minor salivary gland biopsy focus scores [27].
  • METHODS: Twenty-five subjects with CFS and 18 healthy control subjects were interviewed and examined, had a Schirmer test and fluorescein tear dilution, and underwent minor salivary gland (MSG) biopsy [28].

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