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Gene Review

MUC4  -  mucin 4, cell surface associated

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ASGP, Ascites sialoglycoprotein, HSA276359, MUC-4, Mucin-4, ...
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Disease relevance of MUC4


High impact information on MUC4


Chemical compound and disease context of MUC4


Biological context of MUC4


Anatomical context of MUC4

  • During this developmental stage, MUC1 and MUC4 mRNAs are located in goblet and ciliated cells, whereas MUC2 mRNAs are located in basal and goblet cells [20].
  • Although MUC4 is encoded by a single gene, it is produced by epithelial cells as a heterodimer through a proteolytic cleavage mechanism [2].
  • Functionally, MUC4 is proposed to provide a protective mechanism for vulnerable epithelia, such as those of the airway, eye, female reproductive tract and mammary gland [2].
  • Both MUC1 and MUC4 were up-regulated in transposed ileal segments, genes expressed by the normal human urothelium [21].
  • CONCLUSION: Transposition of ileal segments into the urinary tract results in up-regulation of MUC1 and MUC4, the predominant MUC genes expressed in the human bladder [21].

Associations of MUC4 with chemical compounds

  • Northern blot analysis showed a similar increase for MUC4 and demonstrated that induction of MUC4 and MUC5B expression depended on retinoic acid [22].
  • Second, MUC4 can bind the receptor tyrosine kinase ErbB2 and alter its cellular signaling [2].
  • As a luminal surface component, the MUC4 is situated to contribute to the non-adhesive luminal surface and to act as an intrinsic protection and survival factor [23].
  • To determine whether RA-associated MUC4 mRNA induction is a direct or indirect effect, HCjE cells were treated with RA and the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide (1.0 microg/mL) for 12 hours [24].
  • When correlated with plasma steroid levels, message levels of both MUC4 and MUC5B were inversely related to progesterone levels [25].

Regulatory relationships of MUC4

  • Expression of MUC4 in mammary gland is repressed by posttranscriptional mechanisms involving basement membrane and TGF-beta, which are relieved during pregnancy to permit secretion of MUC4 into milk [2].
  • Pan-JAK inhibitor revealed marked reduction in IL-4 stimulated MUC4 levels and JAK3 selective inhibitor down-regulated MUC4 mRNA expression in a concentration-dependent fashion [26].

Other interactions of MUC4


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MUC4


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