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Chemical Compound Review

Felbamyl     (3-aminocarbonyloxy-2-phenyl- propyl)...

Synonyms: Felbatol, Felbamato, felbamate, Felbamatum, Taloxa, ...
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  • RESULTS: Felbamate (200 mg/kg IV) administered after the release of carotid clamping did not change brain temperature but reduced neuronal death in CA1 from 332 +/- 60 cells per section of dorsal hippocampus in unmedicated gerbils to 62 +/- 12 cells in felbamate-treated animals (P<.001) [5].
  • Post hoc felbamate (300 mg/kg) reduced the volume of infarction from 67% +/- 7% of neocortex in unmedicated rats to 32% +/- 8%, 51% +/- 12%, 38% +/- 19%, and 53% +/- 10% when given 0, 1, 2, and 4 hours after hypoxic exposure, respectively [12].
  • The most common adverse effects occurring during administration of felbamate are mild to moderate gastrointestinal (nausea, vomiting and anorexia) and central nervous system (headache, somnolence, diplopia, dizziness and insomnia) disturbances [19].
  • We sought to identify the sites at which felbamate exerts its NMDA receptor blocking action using radioligand binding to rat forebrain membranes and whole-cell voltage clamp and single-channel recordings from cultured rat hippocampal neurons [21].
  • Blood-brain barrier penetration of felbamate [22].

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