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Chemical Compound Review

Auluton     [(2S,3S,5S,8R,9S,10S,13S,14S)- 2-hydroxy-10...

Synonyms: Aminosteroid, LS-19377, ORG 6001, AC1L232R, C19H31NO2.HCl, ...
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  • All these results lead to the conclusion that aminosteroid treatment, at least in the conditions of the present study, is effective in reducing the morphological and biochemical alterations occurring in ischemic-reperfused myocardium [3].
  • Coronary artery ligation in anaesthetized rats as a model for the assessment of antidysrhythmic activity; the effects of lignocaine, propranolol and ORG 6001 [proceedings] [18].
  • Effect of the aminosteroid, U73122, on Ca2+ uptake and release properties of rat liver microsomes [19].
  • The aminosteroid U73122 has been established as potent, selective, and cell-permeable inhibitor C-type phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipases (PI-PLCs), and has been used to define a contribution of PI-PLCs as part of exocytotic signalling pathways in rat peritoneal mast cells (RPMCs) [20].
  • U-73122, an aminosteroid phospholipase C inhibitor, may also block Ca2+ influx through phospholipase C-independent mechanism in neutrophil activation [21].

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