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Remission Induction

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  • After 45 days of remission induction therapy on Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group protocol E2491, CRABP-II mRNA was modestly increased from day 0 values in patients treated with either RA (median increase, 0.41) or chemotherapy (median increase, 0.56), and there was no significant difference between the two treatment groups (P = 0.91) [32].
  • We therefore measured BAX and PKCalpha protein levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cell lysates from 165 newly diagnosed AML patients and correlated the expression of these proteins with BCL2 expression, patient survival, and remission induction success [33].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Antagonizing CD154-CD40 interactions with ch5D12 is a promising therapeutic approach for remission induction in Crohn's disease [34].
  • Use of standardized flow cytometric determinants of multidrug resistance to analyse response to remission induction chemotherapy in patients with acute myeloblastic leukaemia [35].
  • These results may help to explain the differing adverse effects of pgp (on remission induction) and FLT3 ITDs (on relapse) in AML [36].

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