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Chemical Compound Review

Palatinose     (2R,3S,4S,5R,6S)-2- (hydroxymethyl)-6-[[(2R...

Synonyms: Isomaltulose, CPD-230, SureCN118910, CHEBI:18394, STOCK1N-68373, ...
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Biological context of C01742


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Gene context of C01742

  • We identified a putative pal gene cluster (palR, palE, palF, palG, palK, palA, and palB) in the plant-tumorigenic bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens MAFF301001; by sequencing analyses, this cluster was found to be involved in palatinose transport, and its functional importance was revealed by mutational analyses [4].
  • Insertion mutations in the palK and palE genes showed the necessity of these genes for bacterial growth and chemotaxis with palatinose as the carbon source, but no inhibition of tumorigenesis was observed [4].
  • Molecular characterization of the alpha-glucosidase activity in Enterobacter sakazakii reveals the presence of a putative gene cluster for palatinose metabolism [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of C01742

  • Based on our results we conclude that plants can efficiently be used as bioreactors for the production of palatinose [20].
  • 3. Growth and maintenance of rats demonstrated 20--40 percent diminished caloric utilisation of diets containing 34.5 percent hydrogenated palatinose whereas indirect calorimetry in man showed about 50 percent caloric deficit [15].
  • Consequently, repeated ingestion of DFAIII for 12 days was as safe as palatinose ingestion, especially with respect to abdominal symptoms and blood test results, and its high resistance to enterobacterial fermentation in humans was not impaired [21].
  • We investigated the effect of palatinose on mental concentration using the Uchida-Kraepelin psycho diagnostic test [22].
  • The determination of the three-dimensional structure of SmuA will provide a basis for rational protein-engineering studies in order to optimize the industrial production of palatinose [23].


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