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Hematologic Tests

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  • MEASUREMENTS--Anthropometry, blood pressure, blood tests, a detailed questionnaire, and urinary measurements on a fasting timed collection after a 300-mg lithium carbonate capsule was taken the night before the investigation [9].
  • If the patient is partially ambulatory, MS is 16.2 weeks; however, if results of two blood tests indicate a good prognosis, MS is 25.7 weeks, and if two tests indicate a poor prognosis, MS is only 11.1 weeks [10].
  • During both oral and intravenous glucose tests blood glucose concentrations were similar in patients and in controls [11].
  • Blood tests showed low plasma vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin A and E concentrations compared with controls [12].
  • No changes were recorded in repeated blood tests except for a slightly reduced hemoglobin and a small but statistically significant reduction of serum-calcium during indomethacin treatment, an effect hitherto not described in normocalcemic human subjects [13].

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