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Chemical Compound Review

Opticrom     disodium5-[3-(2-carboxylato- 4-oxo-chromen...

Synonyms: cromolyn, Lomudal, Nalcrom, Aarane, Vicrom, ...
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Disease relevance of Disodium cromoglycate


Psychiatry related information on Disodium cromoglycate

  • The results of psychologic tests reflecting visual-spatial planning were significantly better for the four children receiving CS with lower IQ scores (87 to 105) but not for the nine children with higher IQ scores (111 to 134) [5].
  • Role of sodium cromoglycate on analgesia, locomotor activity and opiate withdrawal in mice [6].
  • The higher admission rates of PI may be related to these and to lower drug usage, in particular fewer patients were using sodium cromoglycate and different admission criteria [7].

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