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Chemical Compound Review

His-pro-dkp     (3S,6S)-3-(3H-imidazol-4- ylmethyl)-1,4...

Synonyms: Cyclo(his-pro), HMDB02053, LS-174949, AC1L22OD, Cyclo(histidyl-prolyl), ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of His-pro-dkp

  • Insulin injection normalized blood glucose level and prevented an increase in cyclo(His-Pro) concentration after hyperglycemia [1].
  • Streptozocin-induced hyperglycemia caused a significant increase in cyclo(His-Pro) concentration in the striatum but not in the other brain regions, whereas TRH concentration in any brain region did not differ between control and hyperglycemic groups [1].
  • For example, a) acute pretreatment of rats with increasing amounts of cyclo(His-Pro) produces a progressive decrease in ethanol hypothermia, and b) chronic cyclo(His-Pro) administration augments the development of tolerance to hypothermic effects of alcohol [12].

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